Tara Beth Olson offers birth doula and birth photography services in Virginia, Washington DC, and Maryland.

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Doula Services

• $1600 • 

As your doula, my role is to help you plan and prepare for a positive birth experience, as you define it. Your baby's birth will be one of the most memorable moments of your life, and I want you to look back on that day knowing that you were nurtured, respected, and empowered, no matter what happens.

Doula Services Include:

  • Free initial consultation

  • 3-hour birth class (in Vienna, VA)

  • 1-hour prenatal visit (at your home)

  • Birth plan consultation, lending library, TENS unit rental

  • Dedicated labor support in your home and at your birth place

  • 90 minute postpartum visit (at your home)

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Add-on Birth Photography

• $1400 •

I offer birth photography services as an add-on to my doula services. My role as your photographer is to tell the story of your birth as it happens. That means capturing sweet moments between you and your partner while you work to birth your baby. It means paying attention to details and small moments that would otherwise be lost to the chaos of birth.

Photography Services Include:

  • Complete photo coverage during and immediately after your labor

  • Family newborn mini session during our postpartum visit.

  • All high-res, digital images from both sessions

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Birth Class

• $300 •

My 3-hour birth class covers the basics of each stage of labor, including what to expect, comfort measures, relaxation and meditation techniques, labor positions, pushing positions, rebozo work, and tips for your partner.

Next Class: June 9, 3:00 - 6:00 PM in Vienna, VA

Participants Receive:

  • A tips sheet, including how to know when to go to the hospital

  • Belly mapping sheet

  • Birth plan consultation

  • Exercises to do at home to promote optimal fetal positioning

  • Packing tips

Tara is extremely knowledgeable, and her expertise made my wife and me feel much more confident...Tara has an unaffected openness that lets her ‘be herself’—warm, interested, fun, grateful—in a way that prompts everyone nearby to feel comfortable being themselves too...So I recommend Tara’s doula services, but what I especially recommend is Tara herself. I’m not just glad Tara was able to help make the birth experience a positive one for my wife. I’m glad my daughter was born into a room made warm by Tara’s depth of humanity.
— Will and Kate

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