Shady Grove Birth Stats

As doula and birth photographer, I have compiled helpful stats and info about the birth environment at Shady Grove. 

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About Shady Grove

I work with Odile Penet, another birth doula in the DC area, to keep these stats updated monthly. These stats have been compiled from interviews with nurses, OBs, and administrators at Shady Grove Medical Center

Odile frequently attends births as a birth doula at Shady Grove, and has good relationships with the nurses and care providers there. In addition, she has extensive knowledge of the routines and amenities available there, and offers this knowledge and support to families she serves. Odile Penet attends births throughout the Baltimore/Washington DC area. In addition to her birth doula work, she is also a postpartum doula, childbirth educator, and placenta encapsulation specialist



Births per Month400
EpisiotomyNot routine
Unmedicated BirthCommon (18%)
Vaginal Multiples
Frank BreechNo
WaterbirthLabor only
Not allowed during delivery

General Information

Hospital Location9901 Medical Center Dr
Rockville, MD 20850
Labor and Delivery3rd Floor
Parking Cost$1.50/hour
Daytime ParkingMain Entrance
6:00 AM - 8:00 PM
Nightime ParkingEmergency Entrance
8:00 PM - 6:00 AM
Valet ParkingMain Entrance
$5 per use
7:00 AM - 5:00 PM


Well-baby Nursery
Baby-Friendly Accredited

Induction Methods

Talk with your care provider about which induction methods would be right for you. Each method is used at Shady Grove, but it is up to you and your care provider to decide which is best for your situation.

Swiping membranes
Breaking water
Cervical Ripening
Castor Oil
Breast Stimulation

Pain-relief Options

Epidural Block
Spinal Block
Local Anesthetic Injection
Pudendal Block
Sterile Water Injections*
Nitrous OxideNo
*Performed by midwives only.

Labor and Delivery Amenities

Private LDR RoomsAll 20 Rooms
Toilets and ShowersAll Rooms
Adjustable lightsAll Rooms
Adjustable temperatureAll Rooms
TubTwo rooms have
large bathtubs
Squat Bar
Birth Ball
Peanut Ball
Wireless EFM
Telemetry EFM
Monitor TetherPink and blue straps
No belly band

Visitation During Labor and Delivery

Siblings allowed during laborNo
Persons allowed in triagePartner only
Persons allowed in LDRPartner plus 2
Persons allowed during epidural insertionPartner Only
Persons allowed during c-sectionPartner only
Family waiting room

Find current visitation policies here.

Labor Policies

Your care provider manages your care in conjunction with the nurses on the hospital's staff. This is a picture of Shady Grove's routine practices. Your doctor's or midwife's choices will depend on your preferences and your particular situation.

Saline/Hep lockRequired
DrinkingClear liquids only
EatingNot allowed
DrinkingClear liquids only
Time limit after PROMNo
Time limit for stalled laborNo
Time Limit on pushingNo
Vaginal examsLimited
Blood pressure cuffIntermittent
Continuous with induction or epidural
Electronic Fetal MonitoringIntermittent
Continuous with induction or epidural
Intermittent Auscultation

Delivery Options

Laying down with stirrups
Hands and knees
Squat on bed
Backward on bed
Squat on floor
Water BirthNo
Birth StoolNo

Newborn Services

If you have a strong desire about any newborn procedure, be sure you mention it when you arrive, and remind them again just before delivery.

Newborn Exam
Cord ClampingCan be delayed
Encourage immediate skin-to-skin
Encourage first feeding in LDR room
Delay procedures while mom and baby bond
Vitamin K shot
Vitamin K oral drops
Erythromycin eye ointment
Metabolic screening test
Bilirubin test
Hearing Screening
Hep B Vaccine
Public cord blood collection*
Private cord blood collection
Take placenta home**
*Parents must arrange for public cord blood collection in advance because the provider must first be certified by the public cord blood bank.
**Moms can take their placenta home with them the day of delivery. You must sign a waiver. Be sure to mention to your care provider and nurses so they treat it carefully. Bring a cooler and have your doula or another support person take it home and process it timely.

Postpartum Recovery

All visitors must be healthy. Current visitation policies.

Length of stay: Vaginal2 nights
Length of stay: C-section3-4 nights
Postpartum rooming-inEncouraged
Private roomsAll 46 Rooms
Shared roomsNo
Sleep-chair for partner
Partner visitationUnlimited
Family visitation*8:00 AM - 9:00 PM
Non-family visitation8:00 AM - 9:00 PM
Must be at least 16 years old
Quiet Time1:00 - 3:00 PM
*Children under the age of 16 are not allowed to spend the night on Mother Baby, even if they are siblings.

Lactation Support

Nurses can help you get started with breastfeeding. A lactation consultant is available during the day to offer guidance and support.

Lactation SpecialistsNurses and IBCLC
Lactation CenterOn-site rentals and sales
Lactation Services240-826-MOMS
Services ProvidedIn-office support
Phone support
In-home support
Support Group


Mom, baby, and partner have matching security bands
Family Waiting Room
Walking distance to restaurants
Meet with birth advisor


Odile Penet and Tara Beth Olson offer birth doula services in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC.