Sibley Memorial Birth Stats

As doula and birth photographer, I have compiled helpful stats and info about the birth environment at Sibley Hospital. 

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About Sibley

Hospital Location5255 Loughboro Road, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20016
Labor and Delivery202-537-4000
3rd Floor
Left of elevators
Valet Parking
After hoursCurrently, use the Main Entrance


Self-reported stats. Updated 11/2015.

Births per Month300
Unmedicated BirthRare
Vaginal MultiplesNo


Well-baby Nursery

Induction Methods

Swiping membranes
Breaking water
Cervical Ripening
Castor Oil
Breast Stimulation

Pain-relief Options

Some pain-relief options are not available later in labor. In fact, the closer you get to delivery, the more likely you'll only be able to use an epidural. If you are hoping to use something else, be sure you mention it early on.

Epidural Block
Spinal Block
Local Anesthetic Injection
Pudendal Block
Sterile Water InjectionsNo
Nitrous OxideNo

Labor and Delivery Amenities

Private LDR RoomsAll 18 Rooms
BathroomAll Rooms
Shower with hand-held showerheadAll Rooms
Adjustable lightsAll Rooms
Adjustable temperatureAll Rooms*
Jacuzzi TubNo
Squat BarUpon Request
Birth BallNo
Peanut BallNo
Birth StoolNo
Wireless EFM UnitNo

The nurse must call the central control room to have them change the temperature in your room.

Visitation During Labor and Delivery

Siblings allowed during laborNo
Persons allowed in triageTwo persons
Persons allowed in LDRTwo persons
Persons allowed during epidural insertionOne Person
Persons allowed during c-sectionOne Person

Labor Policies

Nurses can accommodate most safe birthing practices. Some alternative birthing practices may need to be approved by your midwife or doctor. These are general guidelines. Your individual OB may manage your birth more or less conservatively.

Saline/Hep lockRequired
DrinkingClear liquids only
EatingNot allowed
Time Limit after PROMLabor must start within 18 hours
Stalled LaborPitocin after 1-2 hours of no progress
Pushing time limit3 hours
Vaginal examsRoutine
Blood pressure cuffIntermittent*
Electronic Fetal MonitoringIntermittent*
Typical monitoring40 off - 20 on

* You'll need to be continuously monitored once your water breaks, you start Pitocin, or if your baby is in distress. If you don't have an epidural, you can still move around - as long as they can get a good strip.

Delivery Positions 

Your doctor has the most influence on which position you can deliver in. Though options are more limited with an epidural, you can still ask for an upright position.

Laying down with stirrupsMost Common
Hands and kneesClick to Add
Squat on bedClick to Add
Backward on bedClick to Add
Squat on floorNo
Water BirthNo
Birth StoolNo

Newborn Services

The staff may encourage you to comply with routine newborn procedures, but you can opt-out of some procedures and screenings, by signing a waiver.

If you have a strong desire to delay cord clamping or the newborn exam, be sure you mention it when you arrive, and remind them again just before delivery.

Newborn Exam
Cord ClampingCan delay
Encourage immediate skin-to-skin
Encourage first feeding in LDR room
Delay procedures while mom and baby bond
Vitamin K shot
Vitamin K oral dropsYou must provide
Erythromycin eye ointment
Metabolic screening test
Bilirubin test
Hearing Screening
Hep B Vaccine
Public cord blood collectionNo
Private cord blood collection
Placenta Services*Sign a release

*You will need to sign a release before delivery. They will give it to you in a covered plastic container. Be sure to have a qualified placenta specialist process it as soon as possible.

Postpartum Recovery

Length of stay: Vaginal2 nights
Length of stay: C-section3 nights
Postpartum rooming-inEncouraged
Private postpartum recovery rooms*$200+ night
Shared postpartum recovery roomsNo addtional fee
Partner visitationUnlimited
Family Visitation11:00 AM - 8:00 PM
Other healthy vistors over 12 years old11:00 AM - 8:00 PM

*Sibley offers two-room, two-bathroom private postpartum rooms. You can place your name on the waiting list for private rooms after your baby is born. The per night rate is paid by you at checkout. You can submit the fee to your insurance for reimbursement. More information about their rooms

Lactation Support

Nurses can help you get started with breastfeeding. A lactation consultant is available during the day to offer guidance and support.

Breastfeeding supply store
Breast pump rentals
Sibley Lactation Services202-242-2321
Breastfeeding support groupMonday 11:30 - 12:45
Sibley Medical Office Building
Third Floor Conference Room 5


Mom, baby, and partner have matching security bands
Family Waiting Room
Valet Parking