Doula + Newborn Photography

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Doula + Newborn Photography


I offer doula services combined with birth photography.

Doula Services

As your doula, I am here to help you plan and prepare for a positive birth experience, as you define it. Your baby's birth will be one of the most memorable moments of your life, and I want you to look back on that day knowing that you were nurtured, respected, and empowered, no matter what happens.

  • Free initial consultation

  • 2.5-hour birth class (in Vienna, VA)

    • Tips and comfort techniques for each stage of labor

    • Partner-based support

    • Using a rebozo and TENS unit

    • Relaxation and mindfulness techniques

    • When to call your doula

  • 2-hour prenatal visit (at your home)

    • Your preferences and expectations for labor and delivery, including pain-relief options

    • How you envision your doula and other support people helping you

    • Discussion of concerns or fears you may have

  • Birth plan consultation

    • What to expect from your caregiver and birth setting

    • Questions to ask your caregiver

  • Free materials

    • Access to my lending library, including The Birth Partner, Hypnobirthing, and Mindful Birthing, among others.

    • Access to an online lending library with relaxation, meditation, mindfulness, and hypnosis mp3s.

    • TENS unit rental

  • Unlimited prenatal phone and email support

  • Dedicated labor support in your home and at your birth place

    • Knowledge, information, advocacy, and encouragement from early active labor through the birth and baby's first feeding

    • Initial breastfeeding and newborn care support

    • No time limits

  • One 90-minute postpartum visit (at your home)

    • Discussion of birth

    • Newborn care concerns

    • Breastfeeding help

  • Six weeks of postpartum phone and email support

Photography Services

  • Photo session during your postpartum visit

  • All edited, high-res images

  • 20 spread photo book

Newborn Gallery

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